Specific Hindu Grievances

Speaker: Koenraad Elst
Duration: 33.30
Filmed: Jan, 2014
Posted: Jul, 2014
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Dr. Koenraad Elst has extensively studied the rise of modern Hindu movement from establishment of Arya Samaj by Swami Dayananda Sarswati in nineteenth century to scholarly work done by Sita Ram Goel along with his mentor Ram Swarup in the form of Voice of India Publication in the late half of twentieth century. In this talk he traces the grievance, real and percieved felt by Hindus; though not always explicitly mentioned. Every observer, native as well as foriegners, of Hindu movements is eager to know - what are the specific demands of those who are behind these movements. What kind of greivances need to be addressed when any political party comes to power riding on these sentiments of Hindu. In this Talk – he mentions various specific Hindu grievances ranging from Article 30 of Indian Constitution, Management of Hindu Temples by Hindus themselves instead of secular government, Handing over sacred places like Ayodha, Kashi and Mathura, which are destroyed by Islamic Invaders and replaced by mosques, to Hindus. He has listed many other grievances which have been ignored so far and never given a proper space in mainstream intellectual discourse of India. He also shows the ways to address these griveances by government.
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