Speaker: Shrikant Talageri
In the textbooks in America, when something is written about Judaism, the Jews are consulted; when something is written about Islam, Muslims are consulted; but when they write about Hinduism, they don't consult the Hindus. They write anything that they want. So when something was written like this, all the Hindus got together and said we also have a right to be consulted on these issues.
He is an Indian historian who has published groundbreaking works on Aryan Invasion Theory and the problem of Aryan origins - Aryan Invasion Theory and Indian Nationalism, The Rigveda: A Historical Analysis etc. He is a prominent linguist and is fluent in more than 100 languages. His varied interests in subjects like wildlife, comparative music, religion, philosophy, history, culture and linguistics led him to a very comprehensive understanding of Ancient Indian History. He has been instrumental in debunking the Aryan Invasion Theory with unique study in comparative linguistics. His expert reading of the Rigveda for historical clues and internal consistency led him to give unique insights about the movements of ancient people and tribes in and out of India.

You can contact Shrikant Talageri at sgtalageri@gmail.com
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