Speaker: Banwari Ji
Ayodha is a contemplation (sadhna) of valor. Ayodha derives from 'a' and 'yudh' means that which can not be fought. It is so high in its ethics that nobody wishes to fight it. It is so great in valor that nobody dares to challenge it. 'Ayodha' is unique word given by Indian civilization and no other civilization has given birth to such kind of concept.
He is a Gandhian scholar who has published works on indigenous education and the impact of Western education on Indian psyche. In his work Panchavati, he has described Indian approach to nature, the concept of universal well-being, the idea of a prosperous village, stages of life, the region of affluence, the care of the tree and many more. His work proposes an alternative to the western colonial approach. It tells about the Indian approach to environment and ecology and how satisfaction and not change is the key mantra to living harmoniously yet prosperously with environment. He has also done scholarly work on basic pillars of Indian Civilization.

You can contact Banwari Ji at shrivarta@rediffmail.com
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