India Inspires Vision
India Inspires has been established with the core belief of spreading eternal ideas of India. India has played a pivotal role in inspiring intellectuals for millennia around the globe.

Ideas that originated in India & span across scores of areas became seed for sustainable development & harmonious living. India Inspires seeks to bring these ideas back into the mainstream through educating & informing everyone. We wish to act as a "bridge" between experts & curious seekers in areas which influenced humankind & shaped India as longest surviving civilization.

India Inspires will provide the platform to intellectuals, academicians, scholars, saints, profound thinkers & experts to help seekers get a deeper understanding of Indic Civilization. It wish to provide a holistic vision which was the hallmark of Indian civilization which helps in resolving multiple conflicts that globalized world is facing today. To achieve its vision, India Inspires will carry out diverse activities that include:
  • To inform & inspire people worldwide about the various dimensions of Indian society.
  • To bring experts & thinkers from diverse areas on one platform to share their works, visions & inspirations.
  • To stimulate dialogue between experts & laymen for clear & better understanding.
  • To bring real voice of India through speeches, debates, interviews & conferences by best representatives & thinkers of multiple areas.
  • To dispel myths, illusions & misinformation regarding India.
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